Iran’s Oil Exports Recover, Prices Spike Amid Venezuela, Libya Disruptions

Thu, 04/11/2019 - 08:36 -- admin

Iranian oil exports have recovered almost to pre-sanctions levels, thanks to unflinching demand from China and South Korea. The spike comes amid a steady rise in oil prices thanks to US sanctions against Venezuela and renewed conflict in Libya, and a nearly four-year low in OPEC oil production.


US, Observers Surprised by Increase in Iran’s Oil Exports

Thu, 04/11/2019 - 08:34 -- admin

Iranian exports of crude oil and condensate have surged to levels near before sanctions, surprising market observers and affording the country an important victory in a US “economic war” on Tehran.


Iran exported 1.70 million barrels per day (bpd) of oil in March, the highest since October when shipments fell to 1.08 million bpd, data from shipping sources compiled by S&P Global Platts showed.


According to the energy and commodities information provider, Iran’s exports volumes have recovered by 60% since November, “surprising many on the market.”

70% Rise in Iran's Non-Oil Exports to Sri Lanka

Thu, 04/11/2019 - 08:32 -- admin

ran traded 150,893 tons of non-oil commodities worth $108.53 million with Sri Lanka during the 10 months to Jan. 20 to register a 52.84% increase in tonnage and a 4.35% decrease in value compared with last year's corresponding period, data released by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration show.


Iran’s exports to Sri Lanka stood at 133,208 tons worth $38.82 million, up 78.46% and 69.37% in tonnage and value respectively year-on-year. Sri Lanka was Iran’s 41st export destination during the period.


Analysis: Iranian oil exports recover close to pre-sanction levels

Thu, 04/11/2019 - 08:29 -- admin

Iranian oil exports, which have been laboring under US sanctions since late last year, have recovered close to prior levels, supported by unflinching demand from China and South Korea, data from shipping sources and provisional tanker tracking data showed Tuesday.


Crude and condensate shipments from the Persian Gulf producer surged 12% to 1.70 million b/d in March, the highest since October, as key buyers scrambled to pick up more volumes before US sanctions waivers expire in early May.


India Awaits U.S. Waiver Decision Before Booking Iranian Oil For May

Thu, 04/11/2019 - 08:24 -- admin

India is not booking Iranian crude oil due to load in May, as refiners in one of Iran’s key oil customers are waiting for more clarity from the U.S. on whether India will get its sanctions waiver extended, Reuters reported on Tuesday, citing four sources.


Oil prices started 2016 bullish!

Tue, 01/05/2016 - 10:57 -- admin

The declining oil price index turned to bullish as the Asian stock markets stabilized following heavy losses in the previous session, but weak oil market fundamentals with production levels persistently above global demand kept a lid on gains. It seems the oil products and petrochemicals and polymers will follow the change in prices as the producers suffered a lot during the market shrinking period.

Bearish news brought back oil prices

Sat, 10/17/2015 - 11:35 -- admin
iran oil refinery

Bitumen market conditions and prices remained almost unchanged since Oil prices retreated this week, retracing most of the gains achieved last week, putting crude nearly back where it started before the latest rally. WTI dropped to $46 per barrel on October 15 and Brent fell under $49. The EIA reported bearish weekly figures, which depressed crude markets. Refinery inputs dropped and crude inventories shot up by 7.6 million barrels, the most in six months. The jump in storage levels renewed fears of oversupply.

100,000MT Bitumen offered and bought in Iran Mercantile Exchange Market in one day

Sat, 10/10/2015 - 10:07 -- admin

The global market especially the western companies are waiting to see the real impacts and effects of Iran Nuclear talks. "the removal of banking and other trade related sanctions will encourage the western companies to involve in Iran's market more serious than ever; as the global economy needs Iran's market contribution to overcome the remains of the economic crisis from last decade" says Emad Honarparvar, Trader at Iran Mercantile Exchange Market.

Oil prices stabilized or ready for another drop?

Sun, 03/01/2015 - 10:29 -- admin
Oil prices

Oil prices have stabilized somewhat around the $60 per barrel mark, and over the past few weeks oil has shown less volatility than what we have grown used to in the preceding six or seven months. Emad Honarparvar, CEO of Modiran Trading says: "Iran and Saudi Arabia continue to contradict in benefits from new oil prices, and this is not only about economics."

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