We deliver major grades of Bitumen as our products: Bitumen 60/70 and Bitumen 85/100 and 40/50 from two major suppliers of Bitumen in Iran: Jey Oil Refinery in Isfahan and Pasargad Oil Company's refineries in Tehran, Arak, Bandar Abbas and Tabriz.

Bitumen grade 80/100 is also available from Pasargad refinery.

We, as a certified bitumen broker in Iran Mercantile Exchange Market (www.ime.co.ir), deal directly with both refineries to secure a deal at its lowest possible price. With our own drumming facility in Isfahan city, we can provide relaible and cost effective packing service to our client. Pasargad and Jey's original drums are also available in stock.
We Also work closely with Transportation companies in Iran and Ocean Freight lines and shipping companies to reach all of our clients' destinations.
Bitumen Grades and Penetration test specifications:
Bitumen MSDS (Material Safety and Data Sheet)
We have our focus on our business, so you can concentrate on your construction or trading activity with no hassle and headache.

SGS Inspection services
Our firm offers SGS Inspection services and approval on all our deals and contracts.
SGS or any third party inspection is crucial if you don't know your supplier or if you are not very expert in the field you are trading or purchasing a product.
To have tour on SGS process on how they certify standards and specification of bitumen products, see here.

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Modiran Trading company is a general trading firm in Iran since 2001. People have gathered here, with more experience than the company itself in Oil Producst, Bitumen, packing process, transportation, freight & international contracts. more info

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